8 Ways You Can Benefit From Sleep Medicine
By Pacific Sleep Program
June 07, 2016
Category: Health
Tags: Sleep Medicine  

Tossing and turning all night will undoubtedly lead to an unpleasant morning filled with coffee, coffee and more coffee. But for those struggling with sleep disorders, that may be the least of their worries.

The specialists at the Pacific Sleep Program in Astoria OR have seen first-hand the side effects of serious sleep deprivation. Here are a Sleep Medicinefew issues you could resolve and prevent with sleep medicine:

1. Cognitive Impairment:

Getting adequate sleep is necessary for the central nervous system to function properly. Not only might you have trouble paying attention and retaining new information, but even the simplest tasks can become a challenge.

2. Memory Loss:

In line with trouble thinking, sleep deprivation often causes short-term memory loss. Just a few seconds can be enough to completely lose your train of thought.

3. Rapid Aging:

Getting enough sleep may not be the key to the fountain of youth, but the lack thereof is certainly the opposite. In addition to bags drooping beneath the eyes, chronic sleep loss can lead to the breakdown of skin collagen, causing wrinkles and discoloration.

4. Depression:

While many people use prescription drugs to treat depression, in reality it could be sleep medicine Astoria OR patients could benefit most from. Studies have consistently shown a strong link between insomnia, the most prominent type of sleep disorder, and depression.

5. Weakened Immune System:

When sleeping, the body takes the opportunity to produce antibodies and other infection-fighting cells. Without the chance to produce enough of these cells, the body’s immune system is far more susceptible to foreign substances.

6. Weight Gain:

Dieting becomes far more difficult when suffering from a sleep disorder. It has been linked to a substantial increase in hunger and appetite. This is likely a result of the body trying to replenish the energy it should have been able to generate while dormant.

7. Serious Health Risks:

People often only take medicine after they’ve been diagnosed with a condition. Unfortunately, many may have been avoidable with the help of sleep pharmaceuticals.

Serious sleep deprivation has a strong association with dangerous conditions including: high blood pressure, heart disease, and even strokes.

8. Higher Potential for Accidents:

Most people operate at least one piece of heavy machinery each day, be it a car or industrial equipment. All it takes is a few seconds of nodding off to make a dire mistake that risks serious injury and potentially fatalities.

Don’t wait until you’re already struggling with one of these issues. Contact the specialists at the Pacific Sleep Program at (503) 325-3126 for more information on the sleep medicine Astoria OR residents trust.