Four Things You Might Not Know About Overnight Sleep Testing
By Pacific Sleep Program
April 24, 2015
Category: Sleep Testing

Find out what to expect when you come in for an overnight sleep study at Pacific Sleep program.

If you’ve been scheduled for an overnight sleep study in Portland, then you’ll want to know what you should do prior to your appointment. Sleep DisordersHere are some interesting tidbits you might not know that could better prepare you for your upcoming night with us:

We would like to make this night as typical for you and as comfortable as possible. 

1. Take all your medications as usual unless otherwise directed.
Also, be sure to bring any medications that you’ll need to take while overnight at our sleep center. 

2. Drink your usual amount of alcohol before the study -- but do not drink and drive! If you typically drink prior to bedtime in the time frame of 7:30 PM and bedtime, please bring your typical amount of alcohol with you to the sleep study. 

3. Since caffeine and alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep, we recommend that you do not drink or eat anything containing caffeine in the afternoon or evening right before your overnight sleep study.

4. Don’t use hair sprays or gels
If you wash your hair the day of your overnight sleep study you should only wash with shampoo and leave out any gels or sprays that you may use. These products can affect the sensors during your study. 

If you are experiencing problems falling asleep or staying asleep and find yourself dealing with daytime exhaustion. then it’s time to see if the quality of your sleep has something to do with it. Schedule an appointment today with your sleep specialist at Pacific Sleep Program in Portland or Astoria.