Maintenance Wakefulness Test and How It Measures Road Safety

Maintenance Wakefulness TestsWhile everybody loves a good nap, there are times when it is essential that you stay awake. One of these times is while you are driving. Nod off at the wheel, and not only do you put your life in danger, but you also endanger the life of those around you.

Wouldn't it be great if you could know ahead of time how likely you are to fall asleep behind the wheel? Now, at Pacific Sleep Program in Portland, you can. Our sleep medicine technologists can put you through a Maintenance Wakefulness Test to see exactly how you would perform.

What is a Maintenance Wakefulness Test?

A Maintenance Wakefulness Test is an objective ability test that drivers take to determine their likelihood of falling asleep behind the wheel. The test, which is performed during a person's normal waking period, simulates the experience of driving alone at night on a straight road. Throughout the test, data is collected, and this data is used to provide an objective measurement of the person's ability to stay awake.

When are Maintenance Wakefulness Tests Necessary?

Visiting a sleep medicine technologist at Pacific Sleep Program in Portland is a routine requirement for those working within the commercial driving industry, especially those who are at an elevated risk for falling asleep due to certain illnesses or medical conditions. Passing this test demonstrates the driver's ability to stay awake and perform the duties of his or her job.

What Benefits do Maintenance Wakefulness Tests Offer?

While there is no way of predicting with 100 percent certainty whether or not a person will fall asleep behind the wheel, the Maintenance Wakefulness Test does provide objective evidence of the likelihood of such a situation occurring. With the Maintenance Wakefulness Test, employers and insurance companies do not simply have to take the employee's word that he or she is alert enough to drive; they can measure their risk objectively.

If an injury or medical condition has left your ability to stay awake in question, don't take a chance that could put your safety and the safety of those around you in jeopardy. Visit a sleep medicine specialist at Pacific Sleep Program in Portland to find out your risk for sure.