At Pacific Sleep Program (PSP), we are happy to help with all your sleep needs. Our team of certified technicians and support staff can guide you in selecting from among a wide selection of products for your treatment plan. Check back often for more information about our products.

Regular replacement of your Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Supplies and other Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is important to effective treatment and sanitary breathing environment. Generally, the published Medicare replacement guidelines are most commonly used as the minimum standard,though most private insurances allow replacement of supplies sooner when medically necessary . How you care for your equipment, its composition, your skin type, and other environmental factors influence greatly how long your PAP DME will last. This then ultimately affects the effectiveness of your therapy in increased leaks, skin irritation, awakenings, and possible respiratory infections. Contact either PSP or your current DME supplier for details on how to keep your equipment up to date.  We are happy to also offer automatic re-supply of durable medical equipment through the mail. We have posted a summary of PSP's recommended supply replacement schedule below for your convenience:

  • Complete mask with headgear
  • Nasal replacement cushion
  • Nasal Pillows replacement cushion
  • Full face cushion
  • Chinstrap
  • Tubing
  • Filter, Ultrafine (white) disposable
  • Filter, Pollen (black/grey) non-diposable
  • 1 per 6 months
  • 1 per month, as needed
  • 1 per month, as needed
  • 1 per month, as needed
  • 1 per 6 months
  • 1 per 3 month, as needed
  • 2 per month
  • 1 per 6 months