What is Insomnia?

What is Insomnia?

What your doctors in Portland, Oregon want you to know.insomnia

If you are unable to get to sleep night after night, it could be a sign you have insomnia, which can lead to serious medical issues. Your doctors at Pacific Sleep Program want to help. They have convenient office locations in Portland, and Astoria, Oregon to help you get a good night’s sleep.

So, what is insomnia? According to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia is characterized by difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty staying asleep. Lack of proper sleep can cause you to:

  • Feel fatigued
  • Have low energy
  • Have problems concentrating
  • Have mood swings
  • Have performance issues

There are two types of insomnia, both based on how long the condition lasts:

Acute insomnia which happens only briefly and is usually caused by anxiety from a life event; this type of insomnia often goes away on its own without treatment.

Chronic insomnia which happens at least 3 nights during the week and lasts for at least 3 months; this type of insomnia is more complicated and can arise from various causes including changes in work schedule, environmental changes, medications, and medical disorders.

So, what can you do about insomnia? There are several simple tricks you can try at home to get a good night’s sleep, including:

  • Having the same bedtime and wake time every day
  • Staying active and exercising
  • Avoiding medications that can cause insomnia
  • Avoiding naps, and if you do take a nap, make it short
  • Avoiding smoking and nicotine products
  • Limiting consumption of caffeine and alcohol
  • Not eating large amounts of food before sleep

It’s also important to make your bedroom comfortable, without a television.

If your insomnia doesn’t get better with home remedies, it’s time to see your doctors at Pacific Sleep Program. They may recommend behavioral therapy, medications, and relaxation techniques to help you get to sleep. You don’t need to toss and turn every night when help is a phone call away. It’s time to call your doctors at Pacific Sleep Program, with offices in Portland, and Astoria, Oregon.

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